Anyone For Fitness

Other than tennis lessons, we would also like to offer our clients an exercise option to help YOU achieve your individual fitness goals, no matter how big or small they are.

  • Cardio Tennis sessions
  • Fitness boot camps
  • Sport-specific fitness training
  • Boxing fitness sessions
  • Personal Training
  • Suspension training


What to expect: Our fitness sessions focus on YOU, the client, having an enjoyable experience in a comfortable environment with expert advice to help you along your fitness pathway.

What we offer: 

Personal Training (Private / Semi-Private / Group)
- 1 to 4 pax
- 1 hour personal training session tailored specifically to your fitness needs and goals.

Boot Camp
- Group of 4 to 10 pax
- Circuit-based training style, hitting all body parts and getting the heart rate pumping. 
- Burn over 500 calories in a 45 minutes session. 

Sport-Specific Fitness Training 
- Sport-specific designed fitness program for those who wish to improve performance in your chosen sport (eg: tennis, rugby, football, squash, golf etc).
- Improve your performance dramatically by putting in the extra hard yards off the pitch/court.
- Focus on agility, speed, power, explosiveness and endurance.


Other Programmes:

Weight Loss (Main goal: Lose the body fat) 

Body Building (Gains, Gains, Gains!)

6 Weeks Transformation Challenge (Before and after photos, time-framed progress reports)

Cross Fit Workout (Metcon, Barbell work and HITT style training)

TRX Suspension Training (Using body weight for resistance)

Rehab/Prehab Training (Resistance band training, focusing on alignment and strengthening of under-active muscles from injuries, foam rolling and other flexibility techniques to help and prevent injuries)


Our Fitness Trainers will come right to your doorstep.

To book your fitness session, please whatsapp/call 93351340 or email us at