Private vs. Group Tennis Lesson For Beginners August 28 2017, 47 Comments

Very often, common questions asked by players or parents of players is 'Where to start?" as well as "Should I take private or group lessons?".

Coaches worldwide will have a similar answer for this: a healthy combination of both private and group tennis lessons, starting off with private lessons to increase ability and confidence before joining group lessons.

Private lessons - allows players to get used to the tennis environment and provide the necessities to feel comfortable on court.

With private lessons, the player and coach can work together for the player to learn new skills and in turn, ability. As with anything in life, the better we are at something, the more competent and confident we feel. Once ability level is competent enough to join others of a similar standard, the player can now also gain the benefits from a group lesson.

Group lessons - allows players to use the skills they have developed from private lessons and use them alongside/against other players.

Group lessons will include point play which will improve decision making and provide a 'competitive edge'. Our tennis coaches will ensure that you are placed in a similar standard group, so confidence will not only be maintained, but grow.


Anyone For Tennis is now conducting group training programs at 2 of our brand new facilities for players to join:

West/Central Singapore

- 4-court facility at Horsecity (100 Turf Club Road) 

- Nearest MRT station: Sixth Avenue station (7 minutes walk)

North/Central/East Singapore 

- Tennis court at The Arena (48 Woodleigh Park, used to be the PUB Recreation Club) 

- Nearest MRT station: Woodleigh station (10 minutes walk)

Please call 93351340 or email us at for more information.