Tip of the Week (Coach Sam HS): Find & Finish - A Beginner to Intermediate Forehand Guide March 03 2017, 28 Comments

Hi, I'm Coach Sam HS and here is one of my Mini Orange players.

She has been training with me for just under three months and already we are working on match play tactics.

She is going to demonstrate the steps in which I would coach a beginner or intermediate player of any age to hit a forehand.

Step 1: The Ready Position

• Feet shoulder width apart
• Two hands on the racket (dominant hand at the bottom)
• Racket out in front of your body

Step 2: The Find Position 

• As soon as she recognises that the ball is coming to her forehand, she puts the racket in the “find position”.
• This is the position she wants to make contact with the ball.
• The racket is waist height and in front of her.

Step 3: The Swing 

• All in one motion, she takes her racket back slightly and swings for the ball, keeping her strings pointing forward as much as she can, doing her best to make contact with the ball in front of her body. (Sack the camera man!)

Step 4: Finish

• After making contact with the ball and remembering to keep her strings facing forward as long as possible, she finishes with her racket over her shoulder.
• Here, you can also see her forwards momentum has carried her over the Orange baseline. 


Don't forget to smile while practicing the above! If you have any questions, feel free to approach any of our tennis coaches!