Tip of the Week (Coach Billy): Improve your forehand with the lag i.e. 'Laser' December 21 2015, 20 Comments

One of the fundamental bio-mechanics of the forehand is reaching a position where the racket head is lagging behind the wrist, the arm, and also the grip of the racket.

I teach this technique to all of my mini tennis players with the nickname 'laser' meaning, pointing the butt-cap of the racket (i.e. laser) towards the other side of the net.

It is vital for players to reach a good racket head lag position to increase the power and speed of their forehand, making it a far greater weapon.

Here's a video of Stan Wawrinka's forehand in slow motion. See if you can spot this position and how long his racket lags for before striking the ball.

This motion incorporates more of a lasso action and brings the wrist into play while also giving more room to accelerate the racket through the ball.

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