Agastya - Winner of UWC Mini Orange Competition March 24 2017, 186 Comments

We would like to congratulate Coach Dave's student - Agastya, who was the winner of last Sunday's Mini Orange Group 2 competition at United World College (Dover).

This is Agastya's second win at this level. 

Coach Dave has been working with Agastya the past 18 months and he has this to say about him: "Agastya is a joy to teach. Perfect attitude every single session, so much heart!"

Coach Dave would like to stress that while results are great at this early stage, they are not the priority.

At Anyone For Tennis, we want to keep the long term goals for our players' development in mind over short-term results.

We make sure our students develop the passion for tennis and look forward to their tennis lessons, while at the same time striving to improve their tennis skills.