Tip of the Week (Coach Jorge): Backhand Volley Drill April 26 2017, 23 Comments

Today, Coach Jorge would like to share this simple drill he did with his adult intermediate player, Naoko.

It is called the "2-touch" backhand volley drill. This drill is for her to have better racket head control and footwork on her backhand volley.

First, she has to block the ball in order to control it and then hit the ball back as a backhand volley. Note: the ball shouldn't bounce in between hits.

In the second progression to this exercise, alternate between regular volleys and "2-touch" volleys. It is essential to have the contact point in front of the body and to be light on the feet.

Watch the following video to get a better understanding of the above drill.


Naoko did great and hopefully, this drill can help her and many others gain more confidence and control of the backhand volley.

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