Tip of the Week (Coach Dave): Balance & Contact! October 26 2015, 1374 Comments

Whatever stroke you are hitting, simplicity is key.

Too many swing thoughts happening during the stroke can cause unnecessary errors.

Tennis is a game based on reactions so during a match or live ball situation (rally), there is not enough time to be focusing on your backswing, shoulder turn, which stance you will use, where your racket will finish, the list can go on.

Two very simple points you can use on every stroke. Here is our example on the 2 handed backhand, featuring Coach Billy and his student: 

1 - Balance

Make sure feet are at least shoulder-width apart with knees bent, good solid back posture with head above hips.


2 - Contact zone, as opposed to contact point

Contact zone ideally should be out in front of the body, in and around waist height. Avoid making contact with the ball above shoulder height and below knee height. The racket should "extend" through that contact zone, before finishing at shoulder height on groundstrokes.


So if you're ever having a bad day on the court, you can go back to these 2 fundamentals, BALANCE and CONTACT. Could turn a bad day into a good one!

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